How to: Butcher your own chicken

Raw Whole Chicken

It’s the New Year, you’re looking to eat healthy but that new gym membership has tightened up the budget.  Here is a great way to eat healthier and save some money in the process: Butcher your own chicken. Butcher shops and supermarkets have to charge more for chickens that have already been cut up because of the labor involved.  You can save some money if you simply do it yourself.  As an added bonus you get the wing tips, bones, and carcass to make that fancy bone broth aka “stock” that you’ve always wanted.  It takes about 5 minutes to cut up a chicken and even a novice can manage.

The only tool you need is a sharp boning or filet knife.  I made the video below to walk you through the process.  Don’t worry if you mangle a few pieces on your first try.  I promise you it still takes like chicken.

How to: Butcher your own chicken
How to: Butcher your own chicken

Save some money and eat healthier by butchering your own chicken.

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