Spatchcock chicken

cooked spatchcocked chicken medium shot

I’m not an overly organized person and my shopping list reflects that. I rarely go to the market with a recipe in mind. I simply throw cuts in the basket I know my family will enjoy. Figuring out what to do with the ingredients I bring home is a problem for future me.
My family loves chicken. I suppose that’s why it always seems to end up in the grocery cart. It’s a protein, it can be prepared countless ways, and it’s relatively inexpensive.  Getting whole birds gives future me lots of options. However I’m a creature of habit, and even though there are millions of things you can do with a whole bird, it normally hits the grill spatchcocked. Continue reading…

Grilled Tuna Steaks

I love meatMy family has always eaten plenty of tuna. As a kid, I, however, did not. My discerning palate didn’t much care for anything outside of plain cheeseburgers, French fries, and pepperoni pizza. To me, tuna was something that came out of a small aluminum can and was then mixed with diced pickles and mayo. Under no circumstances could I imagine something that smelled so bad tasting good. Lucky for me, as I grew older my tastes changed as much as my body did. I decided I would try anything at least once. While I’m still not a big fan of the “chicken of the sea,” I’m forever grateful I was introduced to the grilled tuna steak. This recipe is now a staple at my house when high quality steaks are available. Simply put: Tuna steaks = tasty. Continue reading…

Grilled oysters with habanero butter

plate of grilled oysters with habanero butter

I love meatA group of friends and I have started an annual tradition of traveling to Austin, TX for the United States Grand Prix. This four-day weekend is one of the highlights of my year. The race is always exciting and the city of Austin is amazing.

The food and gluttony of the weekend are almost as fun for me as the race itself. In the sea of Austin’s amazing restaurants, one that stands out is Lucy’s Fried Chicken. My friends and I enjoy spicy food and absolutely love their Diablo Oysters. I find myself craving them constantly after I return home. So, I decided to head to my kitchen and devise a plan that would allow me to enjoy this dish year round.   The recipe I crafted is surprisingly simple and is fairly accurate replica of those spicy shellfish I’ve come to love. Continue reading…

Grilled whole red snapper

Grilled whole Red Snapper

I love meatOne theme you will start to become fairly familiar with in my posts is I love to grill.   I’m convinced you can make anything taste better by grilling it.  One of my favorite things to grill is fish.  Moist and flaky, grilled fish is an awesome way to eat healthy and satiate those carnivorous desires.

On a recent trip to the market I came across some great looking red snapper.  I’m not going to lie, I saw some cheaper fillets laying there as well and all I could tell myself was “but think of how cool pictures of a whole fish will look!”  I saw the fishmonger out of the corner of my eye walking over and my brain started to frantically flip back and forth between price and cool factor.  “How can I help you? He asked.  I blurted out “I’ll take a whole snapper!”  Cool factor won out.  Continue reading…