Jamaican oxtail stew

jamaican oxtail stew close up

beef_logo-cOxtails, like many other “scraps” synonymous with peasant food because of its toughness, require lots of patience. These cuts found their way into the pots of the poor the world over because they have been historically very cheap. Eventually, gourmands discovered the deliciousness of these “inferior” bits.  People who would normally have turned their nose up at such a lowly piece of meat have discovered the incredible flavors that are unlocked when someone takes the time and care to cook it with love.

One of my favorite ways to prepare oxtail is Jamaican oxtail stew. Since oxtail is very tough and contains lots of cartilage, it requires a long, slow braise to break it down into soft, succulent, beefy goodness. So, on a lazy afternoon, grab your Dutch oven and a few Red Stripes, turn on some Bob Marley, and discover the joy of creating something rich and decadent from such a tough cut of meat. Continue reading…

Homemade Bacon : Part 1 The Cure

homemade bacon slab and slices

Pork_logoIf bacon had it’s own Twitter account it would have more followers than Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, and Barack Obama combined. Everyone loves those slabs of salty goodness. Even those forbidden to eat it have been known to long for it. I cured more than 20 pounds to get the photos below, and all of it was consumed before I finished my first draft a week later (With the help of family and friends of course – I’m not that big of a glutton).

I hold bacon’s many virtues on such a high pedestal that I struggled to write about it because the words always felt unworthy. Then I remembered: Bacon is awesome, and you aren’t here to read my attempts at witty prose, you are here because you love it too, so let’s get on with it!

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Classic Buffalo wings

Classic Buffalo wings

chicken_logoWhen I get cravings it’s usually for something salty, savory, and spicy.  I’ve never been much of a sweets person.  I suppose that’s why this website isn’t “I Love Sweets.”  I’ll leave those to my wife.  She’s the confectionary queen around our house.    No, I want some meat, preferably something with a bone.  A bone adds flavor and doubles as a built in handle.  What’s the perfect snack or appetizer that “meats” all of those criteria?  Buffalo wings of course.  I’m already a sucker for fried chicken.  Dunk it in a spicy, buttery, vinegary sauce and it’s a near religious experience. Continue reading…